Serverupdate 1.7
Date: Sunday, June 29 2008 @ 01:37:19 MEST
Topic: Server

Alle servers zijn geupdate naar 1,7

Just a couple of weeks after the 1.6 patch we already have the Call of Duty 4 1.7 patch for PC players, download link is directly above this paragraph, and at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately this patch is much smaller and doesn’t contain any new maps for Call of Duty 4, only fixing a few technical exploits. Make sure you have the 1.6 patch installed for Call of Duty 4 before you download the 1.7 patch.

Here is exactly what the patch changes; it corrects an problem that allowed players to mess with console dvars on multiplayer server matches. It fixes a crash that happens when a Sabotage matches on Chinatown are tied and go into over time. Finally it corrects a language error where game icons would show up in English even if the original copy of the game was in a different language. Again no huge changes but it is important to download it so you can play on all servers and so Call of Duty runs more smoothly

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